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Posted by Athletes Plus on Thursday, January 10, 2013

Welcome to Heroville

Welcome to Heroville, a training center for Super Hereos! Heroville is a special place, which features elements and activities designed to improve your super hero’s fitness and develop age-appropriate developmental skills. In Heroville children participate in a structured program in which they run, jump, climb, swing, throw, push and pull, while developing listening and interactive skills.

Experts say elementary-age and preschoolers should have at least 60 minutes of active free play, and an hour of structured physical activity daily. Research also suggests that “pre-schoolers should not sit in one place or lie down for more than an hour at a time unless they are sleeping.” Heroville’s dedicated instructors address these issues with a safe, fun, and exciting fitness curriculum in age appropriate classes.

Call Athletes Plus to enroll your superhero today! He/she will have an absolute blast!